Lisa Marie Asubonteng,

is a Ghanaian-German visual artist and photographer based in Germany. Asubonteng, a "raging river that feeds all organisms in the world," embodies her artistic vision of capturing emotions and conveying meaningful messages through her work.

Growing up in Stuttgart-West, Lisa Marie Asubonteng was primarily interested in drawing and dancing, performing more in front of the camera than behind it. Thanks to her mother's background in fashion design and family documentation, photography and fashion have always been a part of her life.

Lisa Marie Asubonteng majored in communication design at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2022. Her photographic story, "The Holy Women," features women and children who have experienced physical and sexual abuse in Ghana.

Asubonteng's work focuses on themes of identity and tradition, capturing underrepresented faces and emphasising realism. She sees photography as a way of realising moments in life through her lens, in a manner more akin to an artistic performance than a documentary.

Her work has been featured in several international publications, including L'Officiel Homme Belgium, TheOnes 2 Watch, ZEIT Magazine Online, PAP Magazine, MPB, Braun Hamburg, Blonde Magazine and Mob Journals. Asubonteng is the first woman of colour to publish "Holy Women" on the February cover of Photonews Hamburg in 2023.

Lisa Marie Asubonteng's most recent work, "The Holy Women," has been exhibited internationally at prestigious international venues, including EMOP in Berlin, Museumsquartier Osnabrück, and London. Her other works have also been shown in Lüneburg and Stuttgart. Asubonteng was awarded the Felix Schoeller Photo Award in the category of Best Work by an Emerging Photographer for "The Holy Women" at the Museumsquartier Osnabrück exhibition.

After graduating from university, she continued to work on upcoming stories, tutoring at different universities, contributing to increased career opportunities by developing relationships with collaborators and building her reputation gradually through social media. Currently, she divides her time between Ghana, London, and Berlin.

Lisa Marie Asubonteng seeks to positively impact and bring awareness to important social issues through her art. Her name, Asubonteng, reflects her artistry as a photographer and visualise whose workflows are like a raging river, feeding all organisms with its beauty and message.


2023 Museumsquartier The Holy Women | Osnabrück Germany

2023 EMOP The Holy Women | Berlin Germany

2022 Lunatic Festival Nsroma | Lüneburg Germany

2021  Alte Münze A Club is.. | Berlin Germany



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